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Film Review: “The Dreamers”

This Film directed by Atheist Bernado Bertolucci has all the makings of being a Bohemian Film Masterpiece. Sadly it is not. A spoiler must be revealed as one core element of the film ruins it’s masterpiece status. It turns “The Dreamers” into a nightmare: it subtly though provocatively displays an incestuous relationship between siblings. That is the end of the spoilers and that is the end of it’s likability.

Otherwise the Leornado DiCaprio lookalike protagonist Michael Pitt as a student in 1960’s Paris meeting two other film lovers would have been a Bohemian 60’s Tale. The aesthetic of their apparel and the twin’s home is just right. Coupled with the cinematic references of good film gone by it is gratifying.

And Oooo La La yes there is nudity. Not just of a woman but of a man and it is oh so satisfying. Though moments before things are prickly, uncomfortable. But I’d never seen anything like it in terms of male nudity. I never felt so indulgently fulfilled by the male form for a few cinematic seconds.

The astutely-informed, literary and knowledgeable Bohemians can easily strike envy because they are so filled with literary lowdown one wishes they too had the chance, nay the time to be engrossed with cinematic classics and read all those books we have been meaning to. The beautiful albeit incestuous twins present the leisurely luxury method of devouring such cultivated cultural pursuits: whereby everyday is a lazy Sunday to lounge in, read and watch real film.

Louis Garrel plays the twin brother and epitomizes the Bohemian looks a girl dreams of seeing on the streets of Paris though ultimately never sees. Garrels’ twin sister Eva Green is chic and models sophistication well.


An enjoyable film despite it’s forbidden and ultimately sick inference of incest. You Atheists like to cause trouble don’t you? There are some ghastly moments-blood of the hymen anyone? The only way to deprave a nation is through subtlety and slyness like another character from that long-forgotten Book of Genesis. A trick used not just in cinema but everywhere is to make the forbidden, disgusting, criminal and sickening as palatable as one can prettily make it. Be vigilant, be aware guys.


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