Design Spotlight from Hereford Indie Food Festival: Bardot Living by Hattie Stock

BARDOT Living:

Adventure   |   Culture   |  Artisanal   |   Beauty   |   Tranquility

“I’ve always adored going on adventures to faraway places in search of one off treasures to fill my home. It brings me so much happiness to own a house full of unique pieces which all have their own story to tell, each made in parts of the world with wonderfully rich culture and skilled craftsmanship.”
Founder, Hattie Stock

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Hattie Stock

Meet Hattie: Founder & Creative Director of¬†Bardot Living, she’s a beautiful blonde fellow bohemian with a passion for Modern Boho Interiors.

Every item is handmade by skilled artisans using traditional methods unique to the area they come from. 
No two pieces are the same due to the artisanal way they are made, giving each item its own unique beauty which cannot be replicated.
Tranquility is created throughout the brand and products by using a neutral and earthy colour palette which brings calm to your home. 

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From tableware to cushions and throws Bardot Living gives your home a Bohemian edge either with one off pieces or why not indulge and buy a whole collection of tableware for your next dinner party.

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Sourced ethically:
“We source our stock from cooperatives set up to look after the artisans who make these beautiful items. Most live in extremely rural, mountainous areas, making it hard for them to sell their products and make a living. These cooperatives provide a market place and a consistent salary for the artisans. “

Look out for her blog too found here:

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Have a wander tomorrow Sunday 28th August at Hereford Indie Food Festival to meet Hattie, check out her pop-up stall and grab a bite to eat!
Location: Berrington/Aubrey Street, Hereford


Darlings if you don’t make it to the festival shop online there’s a sale on plus gift cards are available too!

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“Elixir Pursuits” documentary series following creative careers: starring Hereford Author and Poet Catherine Vaughan

Elixir Pursuits is a new documentary series created by Hooty a Vintage clothes shop owner where she films and interviews local talents in Herefordshire who are pursuing their dreams. The aim of her series is to uncover the elixir found in these creative careers and share guidance for creative and entrepreneurial souls.

This episode features me in depth behind and behind the scenes of the Poetry Slam I organized, hosted and performed in. There is an interview of me before the show and after.

Here’s some background into the series and you can hear more about Hooty watch the video on Youtube.

Show your support for our Indie Docu-maker and Store owner by visiting her shop and liking her Facebook Page.

The Beautiful & Damned Bohemian: Catherine Vaughan

It felt a most opportune time to present Catherine Vaughan the creator and curator of¬†as this month’s Bohemian. With her array of artsy and edgy¬†publications from poetry to erotica this blossoming Bohemian talent is sure to be popping up in a quaint coffee shop near you professing her love through her poetic musings and sharing her heartfelt work to fellow dreamers.

BW Official Author Photot

In the line up¬†are more poetry events, her forthcoming novel: “Welcome to Wonderland” plus some musical surprises. Vaughan will be delving into the recording arts think Jack Kerouac reading his poems along to Jazz music remixed with¬†Britney Spears/Jessica Simpson. It’s an epic treat in store combining Vaughan’s notorious penchant for mixing the shallow and vain alongside¬†depth and poetry. Only she can pull it off! She may be the only soul on earth to simultaneously appreciate Kim Kardashian and Hemingway and fittingly so as she¬†possesses both their unique talents concurrently¬†in a way no person has before…

Watch out world Catherine Vaughan has come to conquer….



Online Store: Opening Spring 2016

Hey guys!

So there is going to be a fabulous NEW online boutique of awesome stuff designed by yours truly. There will be an eclectic collection of items from ♥ logo-emblazoned sweaters, ♥ stunning nail art, ♥ temporary tattoos, ♥ miniature notebooks and ♥ postcards. Even a ping pong set!

Each collection will capture a different theme. Check these awesome names:

  • #SELFIENATION is an asphalt drenched series of collectibles LIKE PHONE COVERS, SWEATERS AND NOTEBOOKS for selfie addicts. It’s preppy, chic and minimalist.
  • Basic B!tch is a tongue-in-cheek assortment of girly, silly randomness! If you like Lohanthony and the movie Mean Girls this collection was MADE FOR YOU!

And there will some really pretty postcards of my hometown. It is so quaint you have to see it for yourself.


It’s eclectic and random like me! You will find ‚̧ cute stuff, ‚̧ pretty stuff, ‚̧ funny stuff and ‚̧ MY PERSONALITY ‚̧ embodied under one online store. It is a labour of love and devotion to give you awesome everyday essentials in CUTE¬†&¬†CHIC¬†STYLES¬†for you or as a GIFT for others! No matter what you love¬†from¬†typography, preppy chic, all things pink or minimalist styles:¬†this is the STORE FOR YOU!¬†ūüíē¬†ūüíē¬†ūüíē

*Some pieces are available to purchase on the right side bar but the full collection will be ready to browse and shop in Spring 2016!

Opening Promo Zazzle

T E A S E R:

1) #SELFIENATION grey notebook. Subtitle: It's all about me, me, me.
2) Textual suede vanity case. Enveloped with Vaughan's poetry 
and Writer-related lexis.
3) "She was was beautiful..." Poetry covered miniature notebook. 
(Available in black and white)
4) Aesthetica Babe cushion. 
5) "Writer's block: Anti-procrastination whiteboard."
6) "Basic B!tch" series temporary tattoo's: 
"Fame Wh*re; Fuck Boy" Where Basicness meets Typography.
Ping Pong bat that is pink and says "Beat a Basic B!tch #Winning"
8) Accompanying ping pong Ball: "Sporty Spice!"
9) A postcard of a quaint town.
10) #SELFIENATION grey phone cover.


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