Film Review: “The Dreamers”

This Film directed by Atheist Bernado Bertolucci has all the makings of being a Bohemian Film Masterpiece. Sadly it is not. A spoiler must be revealed as one core element of the film ruins it’s masterpiece status. It turns “The Dreamers” into a nightmare: it subtly though provocatively displays an incestuous relationship between siblings. That is the end of the spoilers and that is the end of it’s likability.

Otherwise the Leornado DiCaprio lookalike protagonist Michael Pitt as a student in 1960’s Paris meeting two other film lovers would have been a Bohemian 60’s Tale. The aesthetic of their apparel and the twin’s home is just right. Coupled with the cinematic references of good film gone by it is gratifying.

And Oooo La La yes there is nudity. Not just of a woman but of a man and it is oh so satisfying. Though moments before things are prickly, uncomfortable. But I’d never seen anything like it in terms of male nudity. I never felt so indulgently fulfilled by the male form for a few cinematic seconds.

The astutely-informed, literary and knowledgeable Bohemians can easily strike envy because they are so filled with literary lowdown one wishes they too had the chance, nay the time to be engrossed with cinematic classics and read all those books we have been meaning to. The beautiful albeit incestuous twins present the leisurely luxury method of devouring such cultivated cultural pursuits: whereby everyday is a lazy Sunday to lounge in, read and watch real film.

Louis Garrel plays the twin brother and epitomizes the Bohemian looks a girl dreams of seeing on the streets of Paris though ultimately never sees. Garrels’ twin sister Eva Green is chic and models sophistication well.


An enjoyable film despite it’s forbidden and ultimately sick inference of incest. You Atheists like to cause trouble don’t you? There are some ghastly moments-blood of the hymen anyone? The only way to deprave a nation is through subtlety and slyness like another character from that long-forgotten Book of Genesis. A trick used not just in cinema but everywhere is to make the forbidden, disgusting, criminal and sickening as palatable as one can prettily make it. Be vigilant, be aware guys.


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Film Review: “Life of Pi.”

This was viewed at a repeat screening at my local arts centre of this book by Yann Martel turned movie. Having not read the book I got to experience the full force of this adventurous occasionally tumultuous screen adaptation. Piscine a.k.a Pi is a young Indian boy curious to understand the world and God. The film starts with his voracious devouring of Islam, Hinduism and Christianity amidst his family owned zoo!

Inevitably his father owning a zoo becomes unsustainable so the family decide to move abroad and travel by ship (with zoo animals on-board because they are being transported to another zoo.) A biblical storm breaks out and all are cast out of the ship.

Pi is left alone on-board a small rescue boat with a hyena, zebra and orang-utan. The film contains flashback scenes between present time where Pi is a grown man to his childhood and adolescence the latter period spent stranded on the pacific ocean for 227 days! Pi often fondly refers to Richard Parker.

We soon discover who Richard Parker is and witness the humanizing bond between adolescent-aged Pi and the Bengal tiger. There are scenes of a barbaric nature and violence between man and beast. The viewer as does our protagonist wanders if a beast i.e. the tiger can be tamed. do animals have souls, can we emotionally tune in and connect to them to vanquish the predatory dynamic between man and beast?

Many violent storms and spectaculars ocean views aplenty to feast you eyes on and there is a detour into a mysterious island. There is a land-bound ending and one questions the significance of Pi’s suffering and trials on-board the rescue boat especially as there are no other human witnesses. Or is there?

Suraj Sharma plays Pi during his oceanic adventure and his performance is incredible. he is a spectacular actor and was only a mere teenager himself when cast in the role. Impressive? Most definitely!

A worthwhile one-time viewing!

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♡ ♕ đź’ť Actress spotlight: Talulah Rileyđź’ť ♕ â™ˇ

Mr Musk has his own Rocket Factory and many space ventures and a never-ending list of impressive endeavours and he’s easy on the eyes. Then Mrs Musk is an English Rose, actress and Director of her screen-play writing debut “Scottish Mussel.” So much wealth, beauty and intelligence made flesh! They are one of my favourite couples and I wish them lot’s of wedded bliss and a happy long life together.

From imdb Riley has outlined her directorial debut film: “Scottish Mussel.” 

Ritchie is a Glaswegian chancer with low hopes and no prospects. Disillusioned with city life, he goes undercover at a Highland conservation centre to make his fortune as an illegal pearl fisher with the help of his two hapless and accident prone mates, Danny and Fraser. Here he meets Beth, a pretty English conservationist passionate about saving endangered mussels from the clutches of pearl thieves in the Scottish Highlands. Falling for her instantly, Ritchie must beat off competition in the form of Highland Ranger Ethan, a smooth talking American Adonis convinced that Beth can’t resist his charms forever. After the success of pearl fishing attracts the unwanted attentions of old school Glaswegian mobster Gavin and his work at the centre leads him to question his true motivations, Ritchie must risk life and limb to save the Highlands from ecological disaster and win Beth’s heart.

The Bohemian Actor & Rockstar: Johnny Depp

As Dreamy as Mr Depp is I’ve never had a crush on him.

He is undoubtedly a worthy #BOTM selection because of his impeccable acting career, those beautiful cheekbones and of course he pays guitar. From Edward scissor hands to Willy Wonka or Jack Sparrow nobody does it better than Johnny because onscreen he is always Johnny B Goode.

The World’s Most Glamorous Bohemian: Edwige Fenech



Edwige Fenech is an actress who was most popular back in the 70’s garnering commercial success in “commedia sexy all’italiana” films. This genre of film is essentially a “sex comedy Italian style” with a plethora of beautiful women, many of whom all too happy to take their tops off. On top of that salacious delight are classic slapstick moments and lot’s of well-off characters engaging in all kinds of silliness! “The sins of Madame Bovary” (1969) is by far my favorite film of hers. It’s plot is more serious and true to life and I relate to Fenech’s character; Emma Bovary’s dreams of a better life filled with more beauty and more passion. Though my morals are more stringent than Bovary’s! It’s indulgent and at times slow paced, do note this film like many of her others is in Italian.

Edwige is absolutely stunning in this film (and all her others!) She is almost too glamorous to gaze at. But view it and admire it all you want as it is a film adaptation of influential French writer Gustave Flaubert’s Realist Novel: “Madame Bovary.” Don’t let Edwige’s beauty and willingness to disrobe fool you into categorizing her as cinematic eye candy. Edwige Fenech is as compelling and credible an actress as she is comely. A triple threat by today’s standards.


This Mediterranean Beauty (her father is  Maltese) gloriously embodies the ultimate Bohemian chic with printed scarves on her head, a nonchalant penchant for showing her body and a wild career as an actress baring her soul and breasts. Best of all she lived through the 60’s and 70’s and was at the peak of her youth and beauty during those audacious decades.


I say kudos to Edwige’s brazen roles as seductress, kudos to her softcore porn scenes and merci beaucoup Fenech for your sensual presence on film.