Visual Merchandising


There was a designated spot in the window for the Picture book signing, the poster’s were made by Head Office.


At the Heart of the Children’s department was a noticeboard that promoted the event and the latest release at the time: “Superworm” which was illustrated by Axel Scheffler. In store we ensured to have promotional material to highlight the beloved Gruffalo, Donaldson’s back-list of books and related products such as these cute plush toys hanging on the board!


The actual signing took place (where I’m standing)  in the kids department next to the fittingly age-related under 7’s area where picture books also live.


This is the display I made. It includes Donaldson’s most popular picture books plus other editions her beloved character’s are found in such as baby board books, puzzles and stationary. This is a unique selling point because it provide’s customers with a broader range of products from mini board books for babies in buggies, to pencil cases for school kids and non-book items and collectibles for fans young and old!


The front of store/F.O.S. is prime retail space for booksellers so more of Julia’s back-list was on display including her early reader’s selection of books.

Top Visual Merchandising Tips:

  1. Put display’s in prime retail spots such as front of shop.
  2. Make the display creative and eye-catching.
  3. Incorporate a broad range of products i.e. books in various editions and non-books such as stationary or toys.
  4. Keep it age or theme appropriate.
  5. Mention your displays to customer’s. If they are specifically asking for Julia Donaldson picture books show them a relevant display, let them be immersed in the product choices. Invite them to pick up the books so they know the display is not just to look at, they can help themselves to the items.

Paperback Publications.


Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Catherine Vaughan I am the Founder and Creator of Artsy Jolie Girl and an Indie Author. There are many future publications ranging from non-fiction well-being guides to fiction, the first Novella shall be part of a trilogy chronicling a Bohemian Love Story.

“The Quarter Life Crisis Poet: a collection of poems on pain, heartbreak and defiance by a twenty-something.” This is my first collection of poems where I poetically divulge my secrets and many other veiled tragedies. ISBN: 978 1515247 609

The Ten Commandments of Blogging: is a Year old and to celebrate I am sharing my Top 10 Commandments of the Blogosphere!

1) “Thou art the creator and source of thou blog post ideas, photo’s and quotes.” If you are not ensure to add the web-link/credit of the source of a photo you’re using, reference the quote you’re copying and do your best to add an original twist to your blog posts.

2) “Thou shalt not maketh your blog a copycat of what is out there in the blogosphere.” Continue to cultivate your writer’s voice whilst challenging yourself to write and present ideas in a compelling and unique angle.

3) “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.”

4) “Remember the blogger’s Sabbath day, or week or month.” It is good to take time out of blogging once you have a consistent, daily stream of readers (regardless of amount). Take for example the time I took June 2015 away from blogging. I left a static blog post highlighting my one month sabbatical and directed folks to The Artsy Jolie Girl Official Facebook Page. Upon my return in July 2015 my daily readership increased despite going M.I.A. Remember a consistent readership must first be cultivated before you attempt this. The way to create that is by following these commandments and keeping a consistent blogging schedule even if it is only once a week you upload a new post. One blog post a week is 52 articles in a year! That is a great amount of digital footprint already!

5) “Honour thy blogging intentions and desires don’t succumb to changing thy tone or topics to what is popular or currently trending.” Stay true to your passions! Unless you specifically blog about a topic bound by current affairs such as economics or a politics etc.

6) “Thou shalt create compelling content.” From adding a photo to creating a catchy title never forget how essential these basics are to driving traffic to your blog.

7) “Thou shalt include large and high quality photos and or videos onto thy blog.”

8) “Thou shalt develop a social media presence to attract more readers to your blog.” Choose a social media platform you feel most comfortable with e.g. Facebook, instagram or tumblr. Where possible list your website address, create a relevant hashtag for followers to engage with or share old blog posts on the social media site of your choice.

9) “Thou shalt not tell lies or distort facts on their blog.” Likewise don’t believe everything you read online. People of the digital world are not always who they portray themselves to be. Enjoy making connections online but exercise caution too!

10) “Thou shalt not covet other bloggers or other social media users who have fancier web design or more followers etc.” Just focus on developing the best blog content you can and don’t shy away from chances to learn more to help you master media. Here are some great videos I have used to learn more about the digital side of writing and promoting:

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