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♡ P o e t r y ♡
“The Quarter Life Crisis Poet: a collection of poems on pain, heartbreak and defiance by a twenty-something

♡ H e a l t h | G u i d e ♡
“How to Heal Eczema Naturally: A Quick Self-Help Guide to Learn the Secrets of Healthy Skin”

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Dear Kindle Owners,

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“The Quarter Life Crisis Poet” is an #InstaPoet sensation. A debut poetry collection for teens and dreamers of any age.

“Another Realm” is a devilishly pleasurable romantic short story. Read it and lose yourself in another realm.

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Hey guys!

So to celebrate the Bank Holiday you can Download and Read my 1st collection of Poems for Free.


Title: “The Quarter Life Crisis Poet.” By: Catherine Vaughan  ASIN: B00XUQIMPQ

Next time I’m at National Museum Cardiff:

I am rather fond of this museum because it’s FREE and it’s a one hour train ride for me to see a Van Gogh painting!

This was where I first saw with my own eyes a Van Gogh in the Fall of 2010!

Twice I have been on a guided Tour. In 2010 there was one on Post-Impressionists and January 2014 it was about Historic art of the 16th-18th century. With the latter guide I did not actually choose it but it was the only one on that day. It turned out to be so interesting and that’s where I first saw the Katheryn of Berain painting and instantly felt drawn to it…Turns out she was a lady with immense wealth and power-all the things I aspire to!

In the past I always just went to see the pretty impressionist paintings there’s a Van Gogh and Monet! *Swoon* But next time I’ll just broaden my horizons and check out a category I know little about.

Can’t wait to visit again!

For details on the guided tours click below:

To see which artists are on show click: