The Quintessential Bohemian: Laren Stover


Laren Stover is the author of The Bohemian Manifesto: a Field Guide to Living on the Edge.  It is a literary treasure with the most beautiful illustrations by Izak Zenou.

Laren has the beauty, elegance, style and curiosity that perfectly captures a true Bohemian.

This Manifesto is so exquisite to own I cannot tell you how many times it has uplifted me in moments of melancholy and I always get swept away by the romanticism of Bohemianism every time I gaze at the pages. 



Laren Stover

She is the Editor-at-Large of Faerie Magazine  Stover has also published a darkly comedic novel called Pluto, Animal Lover: A Novel

Begin 2017 with a Bohemian Bang akin to the sound of champagne Muselets catapulting on the walls of a Nouveau Bohemian’s Upper East Side apartment in the Winter… Well you’re not going to stay in the freezing abode of your Beat or Zen Bohemian friend’s place… Nouveau’s are your friends in Winter they can afford heating and food! Zens and Beats are for the Summer when you’re On The Road… Dandy’s are your all seasons friends because they’re always so charming and chic! But wait what kind of Bohemian are you? There is a delightful Quiz at the end of this Quirky Field Guide to tell you which one you are…

If you’re someone who relishes in curious details from counterculture style, to bohemian must-reads (yes there’s a reading list) then this book is for you. The most charming pages of all are the Case Studies which tell you where these curious creatures live, work and their background. So charming, so dreamy! This book will make you delve into Bohemian Consciousness and maybe make you feel less alone about the freedom and rebellion we crave.

Oona the Actress: Case Study

“Oona is tall Swedish and, unbeknownst to her Bohemian friends, a princess. All her actor friends live in squalid Lower East Side, Brooklyn or Harlem apartments. Flickering lights in hallways, mattresses on the floor, candles in wine bottles, crooked stairs. She was jealous!”

If glamour, creature comforts and beauty still can’t quite escape you then have a peak at The Bombshell Manual of Style. The allure of dazzling beauties became another one of her anthropological quests as she felt they were an “exotic species” as discussed on The Early Show in her interview for the book. The interview was conducted by Lisa Birnbach, author of The Preppy Handbook.)  Another video teaser of the book to watch.

Laren On Bombshells: 

“A bombshell believes in her fantasies, she may be wearing a rhinestone bracelet but in her mind it’s Cartier… She doesn’t need to be perfect she still believes she’s a Goddess.”

Purchase The Bohemian Manifesto here.
The Blurb:

Bohemianism is a way of life, a state of mind, an atmosphere. It is not a trend, its a timeless movement. It is about living beyond convention. THE BOHEMIAN MANIFESTO explores and joyfully celebrates the creativity, the originality, and the splendor of a lifestyle and spirit shared by free-thinking, free-living artists, poets, writers, sculptors, musicians, and intellectuals. This is the first book to distill and categorize all the ingredients of Bohemian life. In a witty and engaging style, Laren Stover examines the contents of a Bohemians closet, bathroom, and bookshelf. She explains the allure of absinthe, why it isn’t wise to leave a Bohemian unattended in your home-you could return to find nude nymphs painted on your lamp shades-and how to identify what type of Bohemian you might be.

For the Bombshell in your life or those seeking a New Year Makeover get this book!
The Blurb:

In this glittering beauty and lifestyle guide packed with pearls of wisdom, Laren Stover has compiled everything a woman needs to know to live the Bombshell life: from how to dress and make an entrance to what to eat and where to shop. It tells readers what makes a Bombshell tick; road-tested outfits for 25 occasions; must-have Bombshell sleepwear, handbags, and fragrances; what’s in the Bombshell library; and what she looks for in a man. With scads of little-known facts about real-life bombshells like Liz, Mae, and Lana this fun and ever-so-practical little book is certain to bring out the inner Bombshell in every woman.

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Read her article for The Paris Review: Pimped for a part

Laren for The New York Times:

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3D TR The QLC S VThe Quarter Life Crisis Poet: a collection of poems on pain heartbreak and defiance by a twenty-something

What we have here is a Romantic, a Dreamer who got overthrown by the people around her. Whispers of deep hurts overlay the pages. This is a soul trying to climb out of the well of despair. Cursed with unfulfilled love, filled with longing. Nobody to turn to. So she writes, she satisfies her need to be understood through poetic emblems. She reflects on what could have been and comforts old wounds of a past undeclared. After Crisis comes the Calm. There is Hope in these Poems after all Catherine Vaughan is a Romantic with Hopes that True Love will return. After all the delay of romance is not a denial of it…

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“So I’m gonna go, start forgetting.”/ I will remember you….

A May to September kinda Love

All she wanted was that small-town kinda love. That simple love- love in it’s purest form. But she never got it. It wasn’t meant to be because she had bigger things to do in life. Her Dreams were there for the taking. They all came to her at once, during the summer where she had her last chance to get that love she should’ve had at 19 but didn’t. He didn’t hold tightly enough. The problem was he was a small-town boy and she was no small-town girl. She knew it was a choice between some guy who was no doubt a repeat of the one before only he looked like a young Jack Kerouac. He was irresistible. The Punk Hunk. All she has is a Stone Roses song to remember him by: “I wanna be adored.” He had that pull on her heart but he could not stimulate her mind not like the other one…

“How am I supposed to go on with my life knowing what we could of had?”  -Buffy Summers

It was always the same story for her. A romantic beginning an intense courtship and a catastrophic ending…Those three guys looked different but it was the same commotion. A cruel conspiring of Cupid. She knew better….But she knew that this was the summer she could never forget because she’d always be haunted by him. The unfulfilled love, the dread of seeing him on the way to Andy’s he was so near to that place she called a Sanctuary. The Cathedral, the garden. This is it. That was it. Never mind that she saw his mother, his sister. It was meaningless. “What could have been?” Is the most haunting of all regrets. But they always repeat it.

Angel: “No one will know but me.”

Five years later and he sees her in a magazine. And he wishes he didn’t listen to her, when she whispered at lunch to stay away from the pretty girl on the next table. But you thought I was 15. How I wish I was. But I can’t be, not for him. Other things are destined like the next guy who will be jealous and possessive because let’s face it men don’t understand love they just desire after someone and are filled with the urge to conquer and take possession of…If he doesn’t have that in him there’s no point.

And she’ll marry five times. 4/5 husbands will be older and she’ll be even more unsatisfied. Husband No. 3 will be younger but nothing like him. Which him? She can’t remember a face just a feeling moreover a longing. Unfulfilled love is always so much more romantic…

Buffy: “Everything we did?”

Angel: “It never happened.”

Buffy: “It did! I know it did.”


Buffy: “Given enough time we should be able to- “

Angel: “Forget.”

Buffy: “….Yeah.”

Oracle: “You alone will carry the memory of this day. Can you carry that burden?


“I’ll never forger, I’ll never forget, I’ll never forget, I’ll never forget…”

“I will remember you.”

Partly inspired by my own longings and an episode of Angel TV show “I will remember you.” The most romantic piece of televised film. Buffy had her comfortable pure love with Riley Finn, I just got a guy that looked like him….But things have already changed #newfacesnewplaces.