“So I’m gonna go, start forgetting.”/ I will remember you….

A May to September kinda Love

All she wanted was that small-town kinda love. That simple love- love in it’s purest form. But she never got it. It wasn’t meant to be because she had bigger things to do in life. Her Dreams were there for the taking. They all came to her at once, during the summer where she had her last chance to get that love she should’ve had at 19 but didn’t. He didn’t hold tightly enough. The problem was he was a small-town boy and she was no small-town girl. She knew it was a choice between some guy who was no doubt a repeat of the one before only he looked like a young Jack Kerouac. He was irresistible. The Punk Hunk. All she has is a Stone Roses song to remember him by: “I wanna be adored.” He had that pull on her heart but he could not stimulate her mind not like the other one…

“How am I supposed to go on with my life knowing what we could of had?”  -Buffy Summers

It was always the same story for her. A romantic beginning an intense courtship and a catastrophic ending…Those three guys looked different but it was the same commotion. A cruel conspiring of Cupid. She knew better….But she knew that this was the summer she could never forget because she’d always be haunted by him. The unfulfilled love, the dread of seeing him on the way to Andy’s he was so near to that place she called a Sanctuary. The Cathedral, the garden. This is it. That was it. Never mind that she saw his mother, his sister. It was meaningless. “What could have been?” Is the most haunting of all regrets. But they always repeat it.

Angel: “No one will know but me.”

Five years later and he sees her in a magazine. And he wishes he didn’t listen to her, when she whispered at lunch to stay away from the pretty girl on the next table. But you thought I was 15. How I wish I was. But I can’t be, not for him. Other things are destined like the next guy who will be jealous and possessive because let’s face it men don’t understand love they just desire after someone and are filled with the urge to conquer and take possession of…If he doesn’t have that in him there’s no point.

And she’ll marry five times. 4/5 husbands will be older and she’ll be even more unsatisfied. Husband No. 3 will be younger but nothing like him. Which him? She can’t remember a face just a feeling moreover a longing. Unfulfilled love is always so much more romantic…

Buffy: “Everything we did?”

Angel: “It never happened.”

Buffy: “It did! I know it did.”


Buffy: “Given enough time we should be able to- “

Angel: “Forget.”

Buffy: “….Yeah.”

Oracle: “You alone will carry the memory of this day. Can you carry that burden?


“I’ll never forger, I’ll never forget, I’ll never forget, I’ll never forget…”

“I will remember you.”

Partly inspired by my own longings and an episode of Angel TV show “I will remember you.” The most romantic piece of televised film. Buffy had her comfortable pure love with Riley Finn, I just got a guy that looked like him….But things have already changed #newfacesnewplaces.


Magnificent Religious Fine Art from The Wignacourt Museum: Rabat, Malta.


IMG_20150607_135842 © Catherine Vaughan

Visit The Wignacourt Museum in Rabat, Malta to view in person these majestic pieces of art. It is only Eur5.00. A plethora of paintings of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saints and Popes to be found. To view more photos in the Wignacourt’s collection visit the Artsy Jolie Girl Facebook Fanpage for a fuller view of paintings on display:



© Catherine Vaughan

Malta 2013 #throwback


So this was at St Julians’ Bay which is a little more upmarket. We stayed at Cavalieri Art Hotel. In its hallway there is contemporary art on display and it has a very modern and hip feel to the place. St Julian’s bay at night time is magnificent with lot’s of restaurants it is the most sophisticated part of Malta. The small shot second on the left is the third largest rotunda dome in the world: the Mosta Dome in Mosta. Built in 1860 it was very fortunate to survive an air raid bombing in WW2. Miraculously the 300 people attending Mass at the time the 200kg bomb fell through the dome were not harmed. Notably the bomb did not explode too!

I absolutely never tire of Malta. Everything is nearby, an abundance of great restaurants (pasta, pesto, mozzarella and seafood dishes are prevalent), an endless ocean breeze to keep you cool and everyone speaks English! My ideal holiday destination!

Malta 2012 #throwback #vacation


This was the second trip to Malta of 2012. I went in early October. The main image is a shot of an old film set. Do you recognise it? It is the Popeye Village! This was the film set of Robin Williams’ 1980 film Popeye-everything has remained and you can even visit it. I did not visit but had a look around and it is so quaint. The top left building is St Paul’s church in Rabat-note it is not St Paul’s Cathedral in Mdina Malta. The bottom right building is a Rotunda based in the village of Xewkija on the Maltese island Gozo. there are frequent, efficient and large ferries going to and fro the various islands.

Katheryn of Berain with Catherine The Great (Me)!

Popped into National Museum Cardiff yesterday. It was near closing time so didn’t get much of a chance to look around.

Sneaked in a selfie shot of one of my favourite paintings there: Katheryn of Berain. She was a wealthy heiress of Royal Descent and went on to get married four times to men very established men!

Me and Katheryn of Berain

You’ll notice many portraits of Royals and Aristocrats wearing black in the 16th century. Combined with their often solemn faces on the portraits one may assume the painting displayed bereavement or tragedy. In reality black was the dye hardest to create for garments and most expensive dye to use and smiling was regarded as a foolish expression! Consequently black clothes were worn to display wealth and luxury…Some things never change. This painting is a modern day equivalent of an instagram pic of a Jet Set Babe donning her crocodile Hermès in Monte Carlo.

This oil painting was produced in 1568 by Dutch painter: Adriaen van Cronenburgh. Back then a painting would take a whole year to dry!!!