The World’s Most Beautiful Bohemian : Talitha Getty













If there is one deceased soul whom I believe to have been in another life it would be this particular Getty. Getty by marriage not birth of course. Talitha was beautiful and damned like me. Most curiously she was born on the island of Java which is where half my family are from. Talitha Getty is the quintessential Bohemian, she was an actress, she was beautiful, well-traveled and married a millionaire. Once a heart is touched with Dreams of Bohemia one cannot simply live in squalor, not if you’re a beautiful woman.

We owe much to our imaginings of Bohemian life to Tali-G. She epitomized the beautiful, damned and exotic side of Bohemian Life. Trips to Marrakesh, kaftans and exotic collectibles are conjured in the mind when one hears the word “bohemian” because of Talitha Getty. She lived it first. Her mother Poppet John was the daughter of Painter Augustus John and Dorelia McNeill who is regarded as by Virginia Nicholson (author of Among the Bohemians) as an exemplar of Bohemian fashion! Evidently Bohemianism ran in her blood.


From hanging out with Claus von Bulow, Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithful the Getty’s were a sensational couple who mingled with the icons of the decade. On their wedding day she wore a mini skirt trimmed with mink fur and so enchanting was Talitha’s beauty that some men have claimed to have “never been so erotically stirred by a woman.” Her death came too early but her portrayal of an alluring Bohemian lifestyle lives on.

To uncover her bio read here.

Malta 2013 #throwback


So this was at St Julians’ Bay which is a little more upmarket. We stayed at Cavalieri Art Hotel. In its hallway there is contemporary art on display and it has a very modern and hip feel to the place. St Julian’s bay at night time is magnificent with lot’s of restaurants it is the most sophisticated part of Malta. The small shot second on the left is the third largest rotunda dome in the world: the Mosta Dome in Mosta. Built in 1860 it was very fortunate to survive an air raid bombing in WW2. Miraculously the 300 people attending Mass at the time the 200kg bomb fell through the dome were not harmed. Notably the bomb did not explode too!

I absolutely never tire of Malta. Everything is nearby, an abundance of great restaurants (pasta, pesto, mozzarella and seafood dishes are prevalent), an endless ocean breeze to keep you cool and everyone speaks English! My ideal holiday destination!

♀👊 V-I-C-T-O-R-Y 👊♀

This is what Victory looks like…


I mean being more gorgeous than the haters and those that did my wrong, totally releasing the past and everyone in it, ticking off my bucket list at lightning speed, and winning the war against men because they can n-e-v-e-r touch this. *Claps to Catherine*

Bohemian Chic inspired ensemble. #OOTD

Hey guys!

So here is my outfit of the day/#OOTD. It is very loosely inspired by Kourtney Kardashian’s neutral tones as seen on Kourtney & Kim Take NYC. I loved her Gucci Fedora so much that I bought a similar one.                  See below. 

kkJpegThis dusty brown linen jacket is from Topshop-I have had it since I was 14! Back then it was £40. All the buttons and pockets are still functional-ha! Underneath is a shirt by Krizia Jeans in a neutral stripe of navy, light brown and subtle red. The shirt was from a thrift store but would usually retail at £60+.
JpegThis gorgeous cotton hand-woven tote bag gives the look an edge and thankfully it is fairtrade. Yay! It was produced all the way in Nepal. I purchased the tote online however this has sold out on 😦 Check his site out anyway because he is an awesome talent! He is an illustrator and makes picture books JpegMy Fedora was from Peacocks and was only £8. I got this a long while back. I try my best not to buy clothing from such stores because cheap priced items usually mean poor conditions for the workers making the commodity.Jpeg

The awesome paisley trousers were on sale at Vera Moda at £16! The boots are by Espirit, £40.

So I hoped you liked this post on what I wear. Leave a comment below if you want to see more posts on my style and where I shop.