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Catherine Vaughan – Hereford’s Millenial Poet and Author

💝 My first ever review about my 🎤 🔊 1st Solo Poetry Performance 🔊 🎤 on 03.03.16 @ De Koffie Pot Cafe.
Written by the M Cuadra from the fantastic culture and events website: HerefordCityCentric.com a wonderful website about places to eat/visit/and do on in my Hometown Hereford. Visit their website today! And who knows maybe it will inspire you to visit the quaint city of Hereford located in England near the Welsh borders. 💝

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Catherine Vaughan Book & Poetry Reading at De Koffie Pot March 3, 2016

Arriving slightly late to the reading by Catherine Vaughan,  I can’t help but feel anxious that I missed out on of some of this lady poets carefully crafted outpouring, and the whimsical and energetic approach in which she passionately read through her material.

I arrived to an aptly poetic atmosphere; the room was beautifully lit with candles illuminating the oak beams on the ceiling, and the tables almost completely packed with humans keenly hanging on to every word. Catherine had reeled them in, I would be next. De Koffie Potholds many events in this room on the first floor of the converted stables nestled alongside the River Wye. A charming setting difficult to parallel in the city unless you boast any sort of river front property.

Reading from her poetry book ‘The Quarter Life Crisis Poet: A Collection of…

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#Designer Notebook


This was probably one of the loveliest gifts I’ve ever been given. This luxurious embossed notebook is by Christian Lacroix and this hand-made knitted owl is a special notebook-keeper and it comes with a key chain with a mini pen!!! It is soooo me! 

It was made by a very lovely and creative soul. It’s up there with #BestGiftsEver!

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Life in the Shire iPhone 5 case


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Extract taken from the poem titled: Luxury: Part 1 found in the début poetry collection “The Quarter Life Crisis Poet” by Catherine Vaughan.


Vendredi Noir


Ultra Violence

We took our vow of Silence.

Tinted our faces with the French flag,

didn’t wanna look bad.

I said we but don’t include me.

I’m not part of your hypocrisy.

Can’t just blame it on autocracy.

Protest, protest, attest.

Now just because some got shot, doesn’t mean we can’t shop

Forget them that were used as props

it was of course part of a ritual,

so they could implement the visual

of what was seen on screen, foreseen.

Take one for the Team

while they scream…

On the Real Black Friday.

As they call out for Marshall


Copyright © Catherine Vaughan 2015