Concert review: The Shires @Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff


Wednesday 20th January 2016 at Cardiff Motorpoint Arena had The two Big The’s’ of music right now: The Shires and The Corrs. I must confess I had not heard of the opening act. This duo consists of Crissie Rhodes and Ben Earle. They are a British duo and their music is ‘new country.’ They were a fantastic opening act their songs really catchy and I regret arriving a little late as I did not get to watch their whole performance- they were that good!

Other songs played: “Brave”

And the upbeat party track: “Friday Night.”

Notably their name is familiar to me because this is literally what I call my hometown Hereford. Back in summer 2014 I even wrote and subsequently published a poem about Hereford and refereed to my Hometown in the poem as The Shire. It’s my nickname for the place where I was born and raised.Β I even designed a mug with photos of Herefordshire + the poem on it. Weird coincidence. Speaking of which when I attended my 1st ever concert which was John Mayer’s show the opening act was none other than Hereford’s finest: Ellie Goulding. Lol!

πŸ’” 🎸🎀 John Mayer was my 1st… 🎀🎸 πŸ’”

Ever Musician I got concert tickets for!!!

It was literally the most exciting thing at the time. I was living in Cardiff studying Law & Politics at Uni there and when Mayer announced extra tour dates in Cardiff I was so happy. πŸ™‚Β This was back in 2010. I had been a fan of John Mayer since I was 14! It was well worth the 6 year long wait to see him. Prior to that Mayer was little-known in the UK. He was NEVER on Top of The Pops-ha! My local Virgin Megastore at the time and stores in the West Midlands did not even stock his music a decade ago.

Coincidentally his supporting act was Ellie Goulding who is from my Hometown Hereford and she was two years above me at the Sixth Form college.

I must confess I had such high hopes of watching his show that I was sorely disappointed when he arrived on stage in a red severely creased shirt! It was a little underwhelming purely because he looked scruffy and his hair was not on point-it was at that messy, awkward short-yet growing it out phase. He was also a bit of an A$$h*le and essentially criticised the crowd for shouting happy cheers like “We love you John” etc he was saying how weird it was and how people would never do it in real life. Just a fucking pointless and annoying comment really considering the fact that he was essentially a nobody in the UK. The Gobshite! I don’t ‘like’ John Mayer, I just like his music.

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