B-U-S-T-E-D Concert THIS Tuesday!

Totally epic, totally epic!

This makes up for the three years when I couldn’t go to gigs due to uncontrollable panic attacks. It’s actually a standing area at the front so bodies all huddled up together. Hopefully I’ll be okay and excitement will outrun anxiety! I do wish I was going with my high school best friend but oh well… AND it’s a Meet & Greet. #Slaying



#REUNION -> OMG Busted is B-A-C-K. Welcome aboard Mr Simpson!

Back together:Β Frontman Charlie Simpson, 30, who quit Busted in 2005, has finally rejoined his bandmates Matt Willis, 32, and James Bourne, 32, after previously vowing to never go back to the band. The three piece made the announcement at The Soho Hotel on Tuesday

Hello Boys!

It is most definitely great to hear this swoon-inducing boy band is back. I am listening to the Year 3000 song as I share this news with you. Had a bit of a crush on them as I entered my teens, and I’ve gone all school-girl giggly at the thought of getting their concert tickets.

Busted in 2003

Busted Faves?

A B-track single: “Last Summer”


“Year 3000”