It's all about bucks, kid, the rest
		is conversation...
		Bud, you're still going to be
		president. And when the time comes,
		you'll parachute out a rich man.
		With the money you're going to
		make, your father won't have to
		work another day in his life.

		Tell me, Gordon--when does it all
		end? How many yachts can you
		waterski behind? How much is enough?

		Buddy, it's not a question of
		enough. It's a zero sum game, sport.
		Somebody wins and somebody loses.
		Money itself isn't lost or made,
		it's simply transferred from one
		perception to another. Like magic.
		That painting cost $60,000 10 years
		ago. I could sell it today for
		$600,000. The illusion has become
		real. And the more real it becomes,
		the more desperately they want it.
		Capitalism at its finest.

		How much is enough Gordon?

		The richest one percent of this
		country owns half the country's
		wealth: 5 trillion dollars. One
		third of that comes from hard work,
		two thirds of it comes from
		inheritance, interest on interest
		accumulation to widows and idiot
		sons and what I do -- stock and
		real estate speculation. It's
		bullshit. Ninety percent of the
		American people have little or no
		net worth. I create nothing; I own.
		We make the rules, Buddy, the news,
		war, peace, famine, upheaval; the
		cost of a paper clip.
			(picking one up)
		We pull the rabbit out of the hat
		while everybody else sits around
		their whole life wondering how we
		did it...
			(crosses to Bud)
		...you're not naive enough to think
		we're living in a democracy are
		you, Buddy? It's the free market.
		You're one of us now...take
		advantage of it. You got the killer
		instinct, kid, stick with me. I got
		things to teach you...

Film Review: “Life of Pi.”

This was viewed at a repeat screening at my local arts centre of this book by Yann Martel turned movie. Having not read the book I got to experience the full force of this adventurous occasionally tumultuous screen adaptation. Piscine a.k.a Pi is a young Indian boy curious to understand the world and God. The film starts with his voracious devouring of Islam, Hinduism and Christianity amidst his family owned zoo!

Inevitably his father owning a zoo becomes unsustainable so the family decide to move abroad and travel by ship (with zoo animals on-board because they are being transported to another zoo.) A biblical storm breaks out and all are cast out of the ship.

Pi is left alone on-board a small rescue boat with a hyena, zebra and orang-utan. The film contains flashback scenes between present time where Pi is a grown man to his childhood and adolescence the latter period spent stranded on the pacific ocean for 227 days! Pi often fondly refers to Richard Parker.

We soon discover who Richard Parker is and witness the humanizing bond between adolescent-aged Pi and the Bengal tiger. There are scenes of a barbaric nature and violence between man and beast. The viewer as does our protagonist wanders if a beast i.e. the tiger can be tamed. do animals have souls, can we emotionally tune in and connect to them to vanquish the predatory dynamic between man and beast?

Many violent storms and spectaculars ocean views aplenty to feast you eyes on and there is a detour into a mysterious island. There is a land-bound ending and one questions the significance of Pi’s suffering and trials on-board the rescue boat especially as there are no other human witnesses. Or is there?

Suraj Sharma plays Pi during his oceanic adventure and his performance is incredible. he is a spectacular actor and was only a mere teenager himself when cast in the role. Impressive? Most definitely!

A worthwhile one-time viewing!

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The Bohemian Actor & Rockstar: Johnny Depp

As Dreamy as Mr Depp is I’ve never had a crush on him.

He is undoubtedly a worthy #BOTM selection because of his impeccable acting career, those beautiful cheekbones and of course he pays guitar. From Edward scissor hands to Willy Wonka or Jack Sparrow nobody does it better than Johnny because onscreen he is always Johnny B Goode.