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Keeping a low profile: Jamie Foxx turned up for his regular gig at SiriusXM in New York on Tuesday, a day after trying to deny rumors about his relationship with Katie Holmes


Film Review: “Focus” starring Will Smith.


Will Smith is seasoned con-man Nicky Spurgeon and Margot Robbie plays Jess Barrett con-lady in training. Of all the victims Jess could choose from she selects Nicky to be her target and quickly her cover is blown early on in them film. Nicky gives Jess pointers on her failed con attempt on him leaving Jess wanting more and therein a bond is made.

What unfolds are intense gambles, a jealous love triangle and a whole lot of pretenses by some unsuspecting characters. The scenes at the Super Bowl had me reeling in my seat and gasping at Nicky’s stubborn refusal to give up the bet that could lose¬†him a $1 million!

Margot Robbie is a very likable presence on film and Will Smith is even more gorgeous on the big screen.

Despite it’s title “Focus” the viewer cannot follow a sole¬†plot¬†as there are so many twists and turns in the movie. Though the grinds to the left, right and centre are satisfying to watch unravel.

The ending is quick and you will not necessarily see it coming. As Smith’s character says in the first quarter there is no big con where we make so much money and retire.

All in all an enjoyable movie to watch in the cinema and I have already told others to see the movie so it receives 8/10.

The World’s Most Glamorous Bohemian: Edwige Fenech



Edwige Fenech is an actress who was most popular back in the 70’s garnering¬†commercial success in “commedia sexy all’italiana” films. This genre of film is essentially a “sex comedy Italian style” with a plethora of beautiful women, many of whom all too happy to take their tops off. On top of that salacious delight are classic slapstick moments and lot’s of well-off¬†characters¬†engaging in all kinds of silliness! “The sins of Madame Bovary” (1969) is by far my favorite film of hers. It’s plot is more serious and true to life and I relate to Fenech’s character; Emma Bovary’s dreams of a better life filled with more beauty and more passion. Though my morals are more stringent than Bovary’s! It’s indulgent and at times slow paced, do note this film like many of her others¬†is in Italian.

Edwige is absolutely stunning in this¬†film (and all her others!) She is almost too glamorous to gaze at. But view it and admire it all you want as it is a film adaptation of influential French writer Gustave Flaubert’s Realist Novel: “Madame Bovary.” Don’t let Edwige’s beauty and willingness to¬†disrobe fool you into categorizing¬†her as¬†cinematic eye candy.¬†Edwige Fenech is as compelling and credible an actress as she is comely. A triple threat by today’s standards.


This Mediterranean Beauty (her father is ¬†Maltese) gloriously¬†embodies the ultimate Bohemian chic with printed scarves on her head, a nonchalant penchant for showing her body and a wild career as an actress baring her soul and breasts. Best of all she lived through the 60’s and 70’s and was at the peak of her youth¬†and beauty¬†during those audacious decades.


I say kudos to Edwige’s¬†brazen roles as seductress, kudos to her softcore porn scenes and¬†merci beaucoup Fenech¬†for your sensual presence on film.