Hay Festival WW Edition…


To purchase wellies or not to purchase wellies that is the question?

Despite seeing brochures of the Weekend Winter Hay Festival extravaganza at my local Berry Red shop I somehow slipped into blissful unawareness as to the location of this festive treat. I simply assumed it was promotional material for it’s Beirut edition or Cartagena one. But it has returned to my doorstep: The Shire. This is most definitely an early Christmas present from the Literati. #FeelingBlessed.


It has already been a magical couple of weeks into Christmas as I met Santa’s reindeer’s. (Though part of me fears Santa is satanic.)

Here are some old posts on previous Hay Festival trips. This month I shall be attending a Writer’s Workshop and a mini lecture with Professor Crystal.

More wonderful encounters are to unfold as I walk and shop merrily along during these Winter Wonderland months…..



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