Some days I miss my Best friend from #Highschool

“The Quarter Life Crisis Poet”I can’t help but think that I should be going to the forthcoming Busted concert with my best friend from high school….


Then I remind myself:

What I miss most is being carefree, just being curious and doing silly stuff and laughing at stuff we did like stealing a trolley and naming it Herbert. Then I realize I have my art. I just write poems about it or I look into pop culture for some reminder or symbol of what was and make comparisons in my head then get lost in the pop culture reference and forget about what once was…. Because it’s gone forever.

The Corner Turns…

 As we left our teen years we sang: “Just around the river bend.” Now we’re older and you’re no longer here. We laugh no more. I miss you Designer Sofa. And all your silly ways. Best friends. We were.

To the fashion designer. To the starving artist. All of it was never meant to be….It’s Best we not be Besties like Before. In part it was my fault. Sorry, sorry, her fault, his fault.

Miss you, confuse you, and don’t have a clue about you.



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