So I was at Hay Festival and this lady wore a Sweater saying Gainsbourg is God and I thought… #BellaFreud #Ginsberg


… Please God say it’s an imitation of Bella Freud’s Ginsberg is God sweater that I have coveted ever since I saw Kate Moss wear it in a ElleGirl 2003 magazine candid shot. The man next to her says “Oh I got this from Cos.” (Completely teasing me!) Then the lady answers: “It’s Bella Freud” and I’m like “Oh is it $300 bucks?” And she confirms it is meaning it’s the same designer and same price point that is well out of my reach because I am a mere Poet.

So here’s the jumper she was wearing…


 [Discovering Serge Gainsbourg and Beat Bohemian Apparel]


If you’re a Rich Poet (total oxymoron) then like yeah… Go buy one here. Or if you’re a kind-hearted Poet/Artist/Nouveau Bohemian/Preppy Bohemian please do buy one for me! [Size XL, please message me on Facebook so you know where to post it.]

Evidently this is a nod to Serge Gainsbourg the French singer, painter and musician, who I would not have known the name of but for the Gainsbourg v Ginsberg Jumper probing at Hay. Naturally, I already recognised the sound of Gainsbourg’s music, I just didn’t know his name.

So have a listen.


So here it is in all its knitted literary splendor. I was actually imaging to wear this piece with black skinny jeans and white tennis shoes (to be an ironic Beatnik which is so not ‘Beat’ and the white tennis shoes is a bit Hipsterish but I secretly like it and would just end up Bohemianizing the whole look anyway.)

Regardless, Kate’s Look is sooo much better.



Gift yourself one now Sweetie!




This unisex fragrance is inspired by Allen Ginsberg, the tousled headed poet surrounded by books and papers – the scent of green leaves and spring drifting in through the open windows. The heady scent is laced with notes of Frankincense, Wormwood and Leather with spicy hints of Black Pepper. Size: 50ml.

They also have candles and menswear (if I had a boyfriend I would soooo get him The Last Poets jumper even if he had a square job.)



For The Boyfriend
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Anyhoo, a bit more about Bella Freud. Yes, she’s the daughter of Lucian Freud and the grand-daughter of Sigmund Freud (the man that wrote an essay titled “Fetishism” and dribble-dabbled about “penis envy.”)

If you can’t get to her shop at 49 Chiltern Street, London then visit


If you’re lucky enough to be able to afford the sweater that I’ve always wanted since I was 13 then go show it off on instagram and tag her shop: @Bella_Freud 

Bit of homework… You could watch this short film Bella wrote and directed and psychoanalyze it to Sigmund’s theories…


Online Store: Opening Spring 2016

Hey guys!

So there is going to be a fabulous NEW online boutique of awesome stuff designed by yours truly. There will be an eclectic collection of items from ♥ logo-emblazoned sweaters, ♥ stunning nail art, ♥ temporary tattoos, ♥ miniature notebooks and ♥ postcards. Even a ping pong set!

Each collection will capture a different theme. Check these awesome names:

  • #SELFIENATION is an asphalt drenched series of collectibles LIKE PHONE COVERS, SWEATERS AND NOTEBOOKS for selfie addicts. It’s preppy, chic and minimalist.
  • Basic B!tch is a tongue-in-cheek assortment of girly, silly randomness! If you like Lohanthony and the movie Mean Girls this collection was MADE FOR YOU!

And there will some really pretty postcards of my hometown. It is so quaint you have to see it for yourself.


It’s eclectic and random like me! You will find ❤ cute stuff, ❤ pretty stuff, ❤ funny stuff and ❤ MY PERSONALITY ❤ embodied under one online store. It is a labour of love and devotion to give you awesome everyday essentials in CUTE & CHIC STYLES for you or as a GIFT for others! No matter what you love from typography, preppy chic, all things pink or minimalist styles: this is the STORE FOR YOU! 💕 💕 💕

*Some pieces are available to purchase on the right side bar but the full collection will be ready to browse and shop in Spring 2016!

Opening Promo Zazzle

T E A S E R:

1) #SELFIENATION grey notebook. Subtitle: It's all about me, me, me.
2) Textual suede vanity case. Enveloped with Vaughan's poetry 
and Writer-related lexis.
3) "She was was beautiful..." Poetry covered miniature notebook. 
(Available in black and white)
4) Aesthetica Babe cushion. 
5) "Writer's block: Anti-procrastination whiteboard."
6) "Basic B!tch" series temporary tattoo's: 
"Fame Wh*re; Fuck Boy" Where Basicness meets Typography.
Ping Pong bat that is pink and says "Beat a Basic B!tch #Winning"
8) Accompanying ping pong Ball: "Sporty Spice!"
9) A postcard of a quaint town.
10) #SELFIENATION grey phone cover.