Lord of Bohemia: Melvyn Bragg

This month’s selection is a very dear figure who really touches my heart. Lord Bragg is a beloved British UK broadcaster,  Novelist and reigning Arts doyen.

He’s had a staggering career and many struggles which is why I’m so fond of him, if anybody takes a moment to uncover his past you can’t helped but be moved by him. From humble roots he began as a trainee for the BBC and went on has very candidly discussed his struggles with depression and was a former President of Mental Health Charity MIND.

If you ever get a chance I would highly recommend you watch the talk between Lord Bragg and Joanna Lumley. I bought this series on DVD as individual full episodes cannot be found online. Get yours here. I watched this a couple years ago when things were pretty horrific for me and it always gave me hope that someone who was struggling the way I was not only found relief in the arts but made a career out of it. Rarely would I say someone as a person is admirable but Lord Bragg truly is. When I decided to write about Melvyn on my site I started to cry like Kim Kardashian ugly tears crying that’s how big of an impact he has on me….

Bragg’s article on The Telegraph: British Culture may be our great new industry

“Snobbery still exists, but it is comical or pathetic and no longer has a cutting edge.”

“How would you really describe yourself? I suggest it might be through the type of music you like, the sport you follow, the radio station you listen to, the authors you read, the ballet or the opera or theatre you go to, the soaps or the galleries – or a mix of all. The old snakeskin of class falls away when we look at what we really do, or are given half the chance to be as we really want to be.”


Of course I 💖 Caitlyn Jenner…

artsyjoliegirl.com has returned from a Summer Break!

Of course I followed the Jenner transition this summer. I was actually on holiday when I was queing for a ferry to the Maltese island of Gozo when the CNN channel headlined: Jenner Twitter record…I was eagerly awaiting the news feed when I saw a stunning and beautiful mature lady. I assumed I’d missed the Jenner feature and now the attention turned to a former actress making a Hollywood comeback….Or so I thought.

Then I noticed it was a Vanity Fair cover a split second later I knew it was Bruce now baring her true soul to the world as Caitlyn Jenner!

I was shocked, stunned and overwhelmed by Caitlyn’s beauty! It was lucky I got to see that news feature in the waiting area of the ferry port. May Caitlyn have a healthy, happy and honest life for the rest of her life. Congratulations Ms Caitlyn Jenner you are now beautiful on the inside and out!

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