Raptor Releases New Double-Single: Ultraviolet and Haight Street

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Ultraviolet/Haight Street

Talented bluesy psych-rock trioRaptor return with this new double-single and fans of the band are in for a treat with both songs on this release showing off that Raptor swagger to its full effect. Those of you who have seen the band live before (and that is definitely

Those of you who have seen the band live before (and that is definitely their natural environment – those who haven’t definitely need to rectify this as soon as they can) will know how good a band they are and with this single, they have translated the energy and vivacity of their live show onto record.

Raptor Ultraviolet, Haight Street at the Booth Hall by Grace BiddlecombeListen HERE                

Buy your copy HERE 


Ultraviolet is an upbeat tune that starts off with a hazy, laid back groove before morphing into a raucous blues stomp that will stick in your…

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Top five fictional animals and their real life inspirations


Animals are brilliant.

img_3951 You can’t hear Echo singing her motorboat song in his picture but trust me she was.

Animals fascinate us. They provide us with comfort and love and yet we understand very little about them. We’re still learning about animals and children learn about our world from animals in children’s books. This has given rise to many popular animal characters but have you ever thought about the real life counterpart of these famous fictional animals? I’ve conducted some research and found the answers surprising.

1 Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and the rest of their friends have entertained children for many generations. First published in 1926 Winnie the Pooh has become a symbol of children’s literature. Yet Winnie the Pooh is a very strange name for a children’s character. Why is his last name Pooh? Winnie is a female name yet Pooh is very clearly…

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dear lost and broken one

This Written Refuge

Dear lost and broken one,

If you feel like a puzzle piece stuck in the wrong box, or a page torn from a book no one knows how to read. If you study the road map and still can’t find your way, overwhelmed by the prospect of having to take even one more step.

If you find yourself standing in a room full of people and yet are still undeniably alone. If you look into the eyes of another, seeking a friend, only to find them a stranger. If you feel like the rest of the world is in on the joke, while you are still waiting for the punch line.

If you feel like every step you take is shaky, every word you say is insecure. If you look at yourself and wonder who you are or why you’re here or what good can you bring into this world.

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Larry Keenan, Photographer

Bill Ectric's Place

Photographer Larry Keenan in Washington, DC for the The Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery exhibit, "REBELS: Beat Artists and Poets of the 1950s." - Photo by Lisa KeenanPhotographer Larry Keenan in Washington, DC for the The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery exhibit, “REBELS: Beat Artists and Poets of the 1950s.” – Photo by Lisa Keenan

Photographer Larry Keenan was there to chronicle the great transition from the “Beat Generation” to the “Hippie Generation” – taking pictures of artists, musicians, and scene-makers like Allen Ginsberg, Neal Cassady, Bob Dylan, Michael McClure, Timothy Leary, Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and more. Many of these photos are in the permanent collection of the Archives of American Artists in the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. That’s enough to make me a big fan, but Keenan has done much more.

He is called a “digital pioneer” in the Random House book Digital Photography and has produced a line of Fractal greeting cards. He was featured on the PBS television program Computer Chronicles digitizing and creating the award winning package cover of…

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