Video Review: Fiona Apple “Fast As You Can”

I Want My Pop Culture

In black-and-white, the garage door opens and Fiona Apple stands by it. The camera focuses on parts of her face. Her coat around her shoulders, she begins to sing by the fence. She leans into the camera and walks back into the garage. She touches the screen, smudging it.

Switching to color, she stands in her multi-colored shower and poses as though she’s taking a mugshot.

She stands on the subway platform, the train’s light shining in the distance as it approaches. The angle slides each time, pulling in closer.

On the train, she puts her hands on the poles as she walks along and puts her hand over the camera, covering it.

She wipes a window with a cloth, her face blurred. It changes to the shape of a microwave.

A black smudge is over her face, which she wipes off with her hand as she sits on a…

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