Video Review: Ashlee Simpson “Invisible”

I dig this soooo much, I’m really into music videos I think they’re fascinating. Enjoy the analysis… Love this blog:

I Want My Pop Culture

In black-and-white, Ashlee Simpson gets punched by her spiky haired opponent. She falls onto the mat. The referee starts calling while she stares blankly at the people in the front row.

During practice, her coach says she has to work on her right hook some more. She wipes the sweat off her face. She demonstrates what he showed her. In the ring. she stretches out her arms and leg. She rolls her head from right to left. Sitting on a bench in the locker room, her coach wraps her wounded hand.

At the match, she gives her spiky haired opponent a defiant glare and they hit their gloves. She avoids a punch to her face. Her coach cheers for her.

Simpson sits on a bench in the locker room and leans against the wall.

However, she gets hit in the face and the emcee winces. Simpson gets in some hits…

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