Video Review: Jessica Simpson “Irresistible”

B e c a u s e I L o v e J e s s i c a S i m p s o n

I Want My Pop Culture

A traffic light flashes in the sky with Chinese lettering above it. Jessica Simpson’s face is on the moving billboards. A train rolls on a rail above, passing by several skyscrapers.

Inside a rectangular building, Jessica Simpson rides a glass elevator, which gives her a view of the never-ending high-rises, wearing a black leather crop top and pants. She walks on the metal floor as a ying-yang ball bounces. There are a few satellites in the room. She stops the ying-yang ball with her foot. It opens, counting down from 70 seconds until it destructs.

She slinks through a tunnel, where she walks in bare feet in the water. Her outfit has changed to a white tank top and short shorts with a wide belt. She lifts her arms up and a device takes her to a room full of mirrors. Men in black masks climb up the building.


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