John Mayer | Life In Music | Oxford Union


John Mayer talks openly about his past rejections, his duet with girlfriend Katy Perry and his pivotal move to Montana.

John Mayer begins by talking about his time at Berkeley Music College where he studied for a year and discovered how his peers visualized success and through that discovery he found what he wanted to achieve in the world of music.

After Withdrawing from Berkeley, he moved to Atlanta where he describes the gradual progression of his music career as every month being better than the last for at least 5 years. Within 3 years he went from selling out a 180 seater venue to getting a record deal, playing to 8000 people a night and winning his first Grammy award. He says it’s incredibly hard to realise how amazing his life had become because the journey was so gradual.

In today’s society it’s very hard to have a hit song…

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