New York Itinerary- Day 4.

Fabulous mini day trip tips for Brooklyn. Photos are super stunning!

Berlin Storm

The Brooklyn Bridge is a New York icon. I donโ€™t doubt that it is one of the landmarks that pops into your head when thinking about New York City, and certainly one of the things on your โ€œmust seeโ€ list. For a stable icon, offering scenic views of the two boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan, the history of the Brooklyn Bridge is unstable. An initiative from German engineer John Augustus Roebling, the idea of connecting the two boroughs by suspension bridge met a lot of opposition along the way. Eventually bribes were made to secure the lot of land where the bridge connects with Manhattan near City Hall. The hard part was not over. Many died during construction, including Roebling himself, and when his son Washington A. Roebling took over he eventually became paralysed as a result of dangerous practices. His wife, who in my books is a total bossโ€ฆ

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