This is how I’ll say hello

I love getting inspired…


This is how Iโ€™ll say hello.
With a gasp and a sputter
Half closed eyes in momentary disbelief
That I who had always meant to drown
In a pond of memories and grief
Get to come back up from the water
That I who had always painted my mornings grey
Get to see you -a storm of a person
Leaving puddles in your wake
Destroy me again..
On that day.
I wonโ€™t be ready.
Iโ€™ll be in sweatshirts and worn shoes
Same way that you had left me.
When you gave up piecing together
The scattered pieces of whatโ€™s within
Eyes burning, fingers shaking,
lips trembling, voice cracking.
My pulse skipping beats leaving tremors
across my skin.

But then slowly Iโ€™ll remember
How you were once not the storm that cloud me
How you were once the lovely burn of coffee
in rainy days and cold mid-Decembers
How you wereโ€ฆ

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