TSY Style Hall of Fame | Jeremy Irons

This is a fab collection of Jeremy Irons style. I must confess I have a bit of a crush on him and his Bohemian ways…

The Selvedge Yard

Jeremy Irons

Known for his brooding vibe, serpentine voice, long-limbed grace & eccentric style– Jeremy Irons is a man that few can reckon with.  Say what you will about his spotty role selection at times– when Irons is in his element, there is no one better or more mesmerizing.  Often referred to as “swoon fodder for the thinking woman”, he and his longtime wife Sinead share their time between County Cork, Ireland and England– where he can frequently be spotted flying down the bustling London streets on his BMW sportbike– headed perhaps to the Wolseley for a spot of tea.  

While dining with friends there a while back, I was introduced to the very charming and talented Christopher Bailey– the place is incredible.  Sorry, couldn’t leave that bit out– it was too good.

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