Chris Haughton . An Illustrator who’s not a bit lost!

Chris Haughton is one of many Illustrators I like. Great post of him here on Fishinkblog…

I didn’t get around to telling you about a book I bought a month or two back by Chris Haughton.  It’s called ‘A Bit Lost’ and is filled with wonderfully simplified children’s illustrations that look like they’ve come from the 1960’s.  There may or may not be a small nod to the work of David Weidman here as the style has a similar quality.  Chris is an Irish illustrator living and working in London. He regularly illustrates for publications such as The Guardian and The Independent.

Chris has a wonderful loose style and humour seems to be a large part of his work. See these examples he did for the DVLA, to show possible reasons why people didn’t pay their car tax.

Do you ever feel the wild calling to you ?  He’s been busy making small animations and recently started looking at Pop Up Books too.

He also has…

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