Silly Boho

Spirited Boho

Having a bohemian lifestyle or thought process is often seen as a “silly hippie thing” or unrealistic or even a gypsy evil thing. I know people think that because I have come across it. The reason why people see the idea of being a bohemian as wrong or evil or yes even silly is because of how it has been presented and portrayed in the past.

Now with that in mind it is fair enough for people to have those ideas although they are completely false and the furthest thing from the reality of being a bohemian.

Being a bohemian is define as someone who lives socially unconventionally or by Urban dictionary, which just happens to be one my favourite ‘dictionary sites’, defines it as someone who lives by the ideals of truth, love and freedom. Someone who does their own thing.

See there is nothing bad there, some may…

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