Update for Followers: NouveauBohemian.com = formerly ArtsyJolieGirl.com same content new web address!

Hey guys!

A quick update to prevent any confusion. ArtsyJolieGirl.com has a NEW url (same content just different web address.)

Also all followers of ArtsyJolieGirl.com got transferred onto my official site: www.CatherineVaughan.com

So if you are a WordPress Blogger please click follow to keep up to date with this blog.

It’s essentially the same theme and focus on culture and the arts as ArtsyJolieGirl.com was before.

On Facebook, the same original Facebook page is up and running but that too has changed. It’s name/url is now Facebook.com/NouveauBohemian. Followers and likers of the page don’t have to do anything as the same old posts of Facebook.com/ArtsyJolieGirl and future posts will pop up on your feed.

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Facebook: /CatherineVaughanWriter
Twitter: @CattVaughan
Instagram: @CatherineVaughansWorld

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