Books I Read & Books I Keep: Kobo’s Head Bookseller, Nathan Maharaj

Kobo Writing Life

By Ben Landau

Everyone has books they can’t bear to part with.

Whether due to sentimental or decorative value, or just the fear of parting with something you may one day want to read again (“What if I need to relearn high school geometry someday?”), the things we read have a sneaky way of becoming a permanent part of our homes. And why not? Books are beautiful!

Of course, not everything you own—including your reading materials—deserves this rarified place in your life. The 15th installment in your favourite romance series, that business book you bought so you could sift through a single chapter—there’s no need to have every novel ever collected filling up space in your book-bloated bedroom.


As anyone who has experienced the life changing magic of tidying can attest, decluttering your life can help you better appreciate the things that really do spark joy. With this in mind…

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