The Bohemian Pin-Up: Katrina Eugenia

Meet Katrina Eugenia a coquettish concoction of Old Hollywood glamour meets Bohemian splendor. She models, she paints, she’s awesome!

Christine Lingerie Spring_Summer20150

Instagram media by katrinaeugenia - 💋

Christine Lingerie Spring_Summer20151

She’s a lady I stumbled upon on instagram, her aesthetic is on fleek! Few souls can simultaneously appreciate the literary life and still like celebrities. Why is that so difficult?

She models for Christine Lingerie….


Notably the company is founded by Glaswegian Christine Morton. They do really gorgeous Kimono’s as see on Khlomoney.

Celebrity Spotting! Khloe Kardashian wearing the famous Paradise Robe on the reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.:

She also writes about it…. She seems quite dreamy…

The Power Of Lace Featuring Shell Belle Couture

“When lace is timeless, everybody is happy. A girl’s sexuality finds peace, and men display ever-lasting gratitude. We can all escape in lace that reminds us of an eternal vacation.”

Katrina’s article of “The Power of Lace” found here.
instagram: @KatrinaEugenia



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