Neil Gaiman- Short Story Master Class.


I’ve never met a famous writer before, a celebrity writer. It turns out they are just like normal people. Almost. Neil Gaiman walks into our Short Story Master Class  (in the Waterstones at Piccadilly Circus) and everyone falls silent. He looks exactly like he does online or in the photos of one of his books, minus the beard.

(I don’t know if Neil consciously based his appearance on Severus Snape or if it just happened) 

Neil starts the class by asking who among us are writers. Seeing as students from the Creative Writing Course at Birkbeck College are here and his name has attracted many other aspiring writers most of the crowd raise their hands. Neil then asks which of us write short stories. A few hands fall. Then he asks which of us have been published before in one way or another. Half of the remaining hands drop. Neil smiles and asks…

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