I am officially disillusioned by love:

Love typically falls into one of 7 categories. (Yes love can be ‘hacked’, humans are predictable and their patterns of behaviour are bordering on formulaic.)

  1. Waity Katie ( I think we all know who fits into that category because it was coined for someone *winks*, oftentimes Doctors do fall into this trap. I guess it could also be labelled ‘Uni love’ or rather laziness….)
  2. Lookalikes/inc*stuos (George & Amal)
  3. Parent trap (I don’t want to offend any celebs by posting a pic or naming, but you know when his other half looks like his Mum- literally.)
  4. He could not, did not, will not, then did. (Kim & Kanye. 9. Freakin’. Years!)
  5. Not yet Independent (Nick & Jessica) When you meet someone when you’re too young and don’t get that chance to date around and get a taste of being an independent woman.
  6. Oh so 40 (Blonde Bond & Weisz) When he doesn’t show up until you’re nearing 40.
  7. Too Late/Mr Procrastinator (Lillian Wilhelmina van der Woodsen and Rufus Humphrey of Gossip girl) This is when the man is a coward and does fuck all even when given the chance…. *rolls eyes* Comes out with gobshite response: “I never should have let you let me go.”

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