Gig review: Bands “Pablo Alto” and “A Hundred Suns”

I show up to this Punk gig as a Poster Girl for “Square.” All white shirt collar poking through black sweater and casual trousers. It’s freezing and I’ve got a chunky winter coat on and a cute chic red bag from Hooty’s vintage store. The weather dictated my semi-preppy and rather dull attire. I accidentally encounter the star of the night Claire Perkins and huddle around as the first band Pablo Alto plays. I attempt to dance though it’s more like arm flapping. Claire is lovely, quiet and does not appear to be dancing along. She has pink dreadlocks very Gwen Stefani in “Ex-Girlfriend” music video. Unbeknownst to me she would be performing as lead singer in her band “A Hundred Suns”….

Pablo Alto are great with Hendrix-esque guitar pieces. I would see them again. The set is colourful and enthralls you into a psychedelic euphoria of guitar blazing. I’m feeling it, head swaying side to side and yes the arms just flapping around wildly and so not as chic as I imagine but I don’t care because I’m here to let loose….




Then came A Hundred Suns and Claire’s performance blew my mind. Screaming, full force and contagious! It was simply E-P-I-C! It’s a Perkins Punk Takeover!!!! The crowd lets go with wild abandon and guys at the front were in mosh pit mode there was even a pyramid of boys arising….. Literally on top of each other….


Read more about the band hereLike them on Facebook. Listen to their songs here.

All in all a fantastic night out on the ground floor of The Booth Hall. 

When the weather gets warmer I’ll endeavor to attend in full Faith Lehane ensemble, red lips and cleavage gotta unleash the Punk Princess somehow. I may not be badass…

But I can look it. *Winks*

Notably being the homebody that I am I did not stay the entire night so missed out on “Teddy’s Leg.” Bonus review of this event found including the final band “Teddy’s leg” here.

A taste of Teddy’s Leg for you…

Event organised by the Hereford events, reviews and culture team at like on Facebook today!



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