“When people show you who they are believe them.” – Maya Angelou.

It really sucks that right this second I don’t have any real close friends, just acquaintances; though I am certain that will change and things are going to improve exponentially very soon.

From now on the only words that matter are “easy” +”effortless” + “present” with the latter word I mean in the here and now. I am all about being in the present moment and enjoying other people’s presence in the here are now. The only things that are linked to hopefulness and future dreaming are my career goal e.g. getting traditionally published.Β  If a relationship (friendship or romance) is not in there here and now I don’t want it. The only thing I demand instant gratification from in life are relationships. they should be easy and effortless. That is they only thing I am accepting. Everyone else can fuck off. Now I see that if a ‘friend’ is being flaky then they are simply out of my social plans completely. What the hell is there to wait for? I just cannot fathom how stupid people are and I hate time wasters.

So that is it. My relationship sector is an instant gratification only zone. Any other way just stresses me out and it sure as fuck ain’t worth it. If it does not feel good it is not worth being in my life. Simple as that. I am not giving anyone a chance anymore. Why should I? Who gave me a chance?

Things are turningΒ to aΒ new and fantastic corner for me and I am N-O-T letting anyone from the past ruin this. Things are moving upwards and happiness is only growing and growing each day and I know I am going to be making a great new set of friends THIS Summer 2015 onwards and forever!


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