Film Review: “Magic in the Moonlight.”

Little Sophie is the star of this film and Emma Stone conveys a fragile yet seemingly gifted mystic clairvoyant. Enter Master Illusionist Stanley Crawford (Colin Firth) ignited by friend Howard to meet this convincing clairvoyant and demystify her mysterious practices. He finds Sophie enthralling the upper classes of the French Riviera. She is closely embraced by one particularly wealthy American family: The Catledge’s. This family adore her. But are they simply gullible without a care in the world or are they taking a deliberate step towards understanding the whole world seen and unseen parts?

Expect lot’s stylish home decor and the prettiest 1920’s attire perfectly worn to perfection on Emma Stone’s petite frame. It is a beautiful period piece and a sultry sheen glorifies the irresistibility of the Southern French coastline.

Walking into the cinema having already attended a spiritualist church and believing in this magic I lapped up all of Sophie’s mental impressions and clairvoyant readings.

Yet leaving the cinema I was concerned by the turn of events in the film. The audience can’t help but question the possibility of there being some kind of magic hidden in the moonlight as Stanley similarly ponders (and vice versa!)

Sophie’s ardent admirer Brice Catledge provides laughs. Sophie and Stanley’s encounters leave you wishing things remain professional between the two. The hint of a romantic entanglement between them just feels unnatural they lack chemistry onscreen.

All in all a likable film one for all the family to enjoy. Woody Allen hits all the right scenic notes of the Cote d’Azur. I plan to get this on DVD because this film proves to be a worthy 8/10. 

Certainty or séances? Which do you believe in?


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