Food Review: Marks & Spencer Easter Chocolate Nest Cake

Food at M&S is usually always excellent. But today they let me down. How can you go wrong with a chocolate cake? cake1 The Easter Chocolate Nest cake upon first bite tasted of deceit. It was not right. I thought it would be as tasty as Marks & Spencer’s Extremely Chocolately Party Cake that I have every birthday. But it did not. The quality of of the sponge was good but the chocolate butter cream tasted like a cheap additive-drenched artificial chocolate sauce served at a crap ice cream van. Its texture like cheap chocolate sauce mixed with butter-disappointing. cake2 I freely allowed others in the house to help themselves to it because I would not be eating anymore of it-ever!  It was no doubt a cake made to cash in on the Easter holidays (it costs £10.) It is worth 0/10. A very disappointing and distasteful product by M & S.


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